What is Doodle Art and Doodling

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– What is doodle art?

doodle art

Doodle art can be described as a unique style of drawing something by doodling. It looks conceptual and abstract, and it seems like it doesn’t contain any meaning at all. However, some doodles can be significant. Most often, the outcome of doodling doesn’t hold any perfect shape, yet it looks special and intriguing.

Doodle art likewise has its own particular history. You must have heard about the cave painting. It can be considered as one of the most ancient doodle art style that was popular long before the time when any person even learned the writings and letters. At that age, doodling was used as the most effective tool to present a story from era to era.

Doodles refer to a means that are inexpensive and fun. As you can doodle even on a cigarette pack, you don’t need any particular paper for it. It’s all up to the artist about what doodling style and equipment he or she wants to use for doodling.

Nowadays doodle art is developing. It’s quite abstract and has pretty special features, and so the number of doodle fans is growing gradually. Indeed, even without understating that we are making new doodle paintings every day.

Recently, people are using doodle art style widely as one of the most prominent parts in Graphic Design. For example – notice the advertising billboards. Most often, people are using doodling details in these billboards. The messages passed on in those billboards appear to be more real, relaxed and friendly just because of using the elements of doodle art.

– So what are doodles?

doodleA doodle refers to a kind of sketch that is most often an unfocused drawing created while an individual is paying his/her primary focus in somewhere else, such as – class or meeting. Most of the time, doodles are simple and straightforward drawings which may have a concrete meaning; other times they can simply be just some abstract shapes.

Some types of typical cases of doodling can be found in the students’ school notebooks. Usually, they are drawn by daydreaming students or the ones losing enthusiasm during class. Other typical situations of doodle art elements are created at the time of having long telephone conversations when paper and pen are available during the long talk.

So, doodles can be anything – shapes, drawings, scribbles or patterns that we only create in our idle time while the center of our attention is somewhere else. It’s actually surprising how artistic we can be without having any attempt!

Strangely, it seems that doodles have their own unique existence in a parallel imaginative world. A simple dot and line can grow into a fabulous world full of doodle flowers and other unique symbols and becomes a beautiful piece of doodle art.

“Since we doodle without any consideration, our doodles can be exceptionally uncovering – such as, revealing our subconscious feelings or non-verbal communication that we don’t know about.”

Your doodle art drawings can wind around the page or be drawn so strongly that you have created a hole in the paper. They might be puzzling, sophisticated and elegant, yet they often don’t look like beautiful works of art. Doodles are a type of drawing, however, the more devised they look, the more prominent the mindful struggle that has gone into them. Therefore, honestly speaking, a portion of the awesome doodles in this website are not by any means doodles since they have been given a ton of thought and produced specially for the coloring pages. It’s not that this makes the doodles any less charming!

– What are doodle coloring pages?

Doodle Coloring pages are printable or printed pages (usually standard A4 paper size) of doodle art made for coloring purposes. These are often used not just by kids, but by adults too.

You can browse hundreds of free and printable coloring pages directly on our site. Check out these high-quality doodles:

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Print any doodle design you like and color it – it is a perfect way to relieve the stress.

– Why do people doodle?

Most of the time, the telephone calls, and the meetings are exceptionally repetitive, and a few people detest doing nothing.

They get stressed and desperate when they have limited, or they have no chance to express their considerations, so they try to pass the time by doodling.

Sketching mitigates disappointment and boredom, and the desire to doodle gets more grounded as the anxiety levels go high.

Doodling can be counted as the protection mode that permits the stress to be disbanded in a perky and innovative way.

Doodling has been characterized as drawing or scribbling carelessly, to play or improvise. We now realize that play assists kids to deal with troublesome circumstances. For instance, playing doctors and nurses’ can aid a youngster to adapt to stress related to sickness.

At the moment you are on auto pilot and not taking care of what you are doing on 100% focus, you might end up considering something that has been stored at the back of your brain. Long before you even can realize, hidden concentration comes to a realization as doodles. Doodling is the map of the meandering of your mind, such as – you think of a new venture, stress over the cash, or long for a mate or occasion. At an unconscious level this apparently heedless side interest may be helpful to figure out people’s different issues.

Doodles resemble pieces of a map that express how somebody’s mind functions.

— What can doodles let us know?

doodle-meaningsA doodle can reveal lots of information about somebody, once you understand what to search for. The subject will convey a few pieces of clues. However, the pattern of the drawing will reveal significantly more. For instance, when six persons draw a cat, each cat will be dissimilar – according to, its shape, size, position, color, expression and so forth. Every one of the six doodlers might be pet lovers, and maybe all of them own a cat as a pet, yet the specific specialties of their doodle art drawings will express features that relate to the specific persons.

Doodles can reveal what individuals resemble and where their exceptional abilities lie.

Doodles represent our type as we are allowed to scribble whatever and wherever we want, and we demonstrate our distinction through every decision we take in our life. Our friends, clothes, interests and jobs all indicate something in regards to us, thus do the gestures and language we most often use. Doodling is an unrestrained type of self-expression.

The immense assortment of doodles in this website demonstrate what a big range of various persons has drawn them.

Interestingly, some of those doodles are robust and bold and top off all the space where others doodles are small and sit in a corner. Some are filled with swirls and curves, on the contrary, others seem much more mechanical and stiff. Some are brilliantly hued, but others are dull or dark. And some appear meticulous while others are completely dashed off.

You can get a realization of people’s diverse personalities, states of mind, lifestyles and talents from their doodles.

To decipher doodles take a look at the fundamental shapes, the spacing of the objects, the size and the pattern of the drawing.

– Doodle meanings

Stuck sometime, somewhere, holding up or listening with a pen close by? Most probably, you’ll begin doodling at a time. Printed letters start to have faces, hands and legs, a highlighted and underlined word transforms into a heap of boxes, or an embellishing border shows up around the edge. Hold up long enough and the entire thing can get shut out or jotted over!

– Shapes

Are the lines straight or bent? These lines may address different parts of our brains and show which views are more dominant on our mind: the male of female side, physical or mental, self-discipline or a feeling. A person who inclines toward straight lines has a tendency to have solid resolution and self-restraint, and he simply likes truths, on the contrary, the person who leans toward curved strokes are usually more adaptable, creative and passionate.

Straight or bent strokes express masculine or feminine features.

Most often, triangles, squares, and circles show up in doodles. These shapes are massively metaphorical and can be connected with our fundamental requirements for security, affection, sex and survival. Pay particular mind to spirals and curves, likewise, angular or right-angled shapes that are components of triangles or squares.

Triangles, squares and circles indicate necessities and inspiration.

Passionate individuals who desire love and harmony have a tendency to draw things with rounded or circular shapes. Or draw symbols of femininity and love (round spirals, circles, flowers, suns, faces, hearts, eyes, lips, balloons, wheels, clocks, fluffy clouds, waves, rings, shoes, loops, rounded trees, and so forth).

Rational, down to earth people who require security and like to live in a controlled environment, have a tendency to draw things with flat surfaces or square shapes. Squares, houses, windows, fences, chairs, towers, money, block letters, boxes, doors, walls, ladders, chessboards, forts – all these icons represent material safety and security.

A determined person who requires an outlet for their physical and mental vitality tends to draw things with pointed or triangular shapes, or images of masculinity. These will be stars, zigzags, diamonds, crowns, cars and motorbikes, warships, weapons, arrow shapes, stick figures, lightning and so forth.

– Sizing and spacing

“Often, all the things in a doodle somehow relate to the individual who has actually drawn it.”

A single item describes himself or herself when the background space or scene indicates the world around him/her. A few objects may mean the individuals who are truly significant to him or be just distinctive parts of important events.

When a doodle comprises of one single pattern or item, consider how enormous it is in connection to space. Does it look filled up or balanced or small? This mirrors the individual’s action level, the feeling of significance and satisfaction in consideration, and indicates how they try to control relationships or circumstances.

An expansive object demonstrates that they are friendly, seem determined and have a busy, active life, on the other hand, a little one recommends that they watch more than they partake, love to have personal space and favor a calm life. Perfect balance indicates full grown adult that can give or take within balance and has a clear thinking.

Spacing and size mirror lifestyle and stability in relationships.

The position of the doodle or drawing on the page is likewise important. The top of the page is connected with dreams and desires, the bottom with material concerns and security, the right with the outside world and the future, and the left with family and past. Where an object or doodle in a scene are positioned, or seem to be approaching towards, may consequently let you know something about somebody’s priorities, interests and needs and also their states of mind, fears, and sentiments.

Directional patterns demonstrate preferences and dispositions.

– Styles and strokes

Look at the lines and strokes, are they static or dynamic, tranquil or rushes? They reflect a man’s mood, dynamism, and prosperity at the time. The quality of the strokes demonstrates what sensation went into the doodling. Individuals who are touchy or reluctant tend to draw with light, short or scrappy lines, while resolute persons who feel strict about things tend to use firmer and longer strokes. Signs of drifting into the paper or going all over again about something are symbols that somebody is disappointed with, fixated or stuck with an issue. Substantial shading or jumbling of strokes indicate stress or depression.

Drawing lines or items in rows demonstrate an excellent organization level, an efficient methodology and a preference for command and control. All the more untidy looking doodles are finished by enthusiastic individuals who like freedom and flexibility to express things at the moment, yet tend to get diverted. Disordered doodles recommend issues adapting to life or perhaps some mental disturbance.

Style and strokes indicate mood, vitality, drive and intensity of feeling.

– Colors

Dark colors or vigorously shaded regions in a doodle pass on a dismal temperament of genuine thought or perhaps sorrow and depression.

Pale or light-hued doodles look nervous, uncertain or touchy, where bright colors seem all the more enthusiastic and joyous.

Diverse colors discharge light influxes of different lengths that influence our bodies in various ways.

Preferring a particular color means being tuned into its vibrations:

  • RED is the color most commonly associated with fire, blood, sex, love, passion, heat, anger, danger, action.
  • YELLOW is the color associated with the sunshine, gold, happiness, wealth, joy, caution, cowardice, envy.
  • BLUE is the color most often correlated with sea, sky, corporate business, coolness, peace, masculinity, harmony, confidence, infinity. It may also relate to depression, coldness, detachment.
  • GREEN commonly associates with nature, growth, money, success, life, youth, spring, inexperience. It is a refreshing and relaxing color.
  • PURPLE is the color most commonly associated with royalty, spirituality, luxury, and wealth.
  • ORANGE is usually connected with autumn, citrus, creativity, energy.
  • BROWN is the color most commonly associated with earth, nature; it is also sad and wistful color.
  • PINK is the most feminine and the most romantic color.

– And finally…

Doodle art drawings and doodles are bewildering as they are mostly perplexing, loaded with odd pictures or appear to have neither rhyme nor reason, rather like dreams. As like in dreams, concerns and issues that absorb us are turned and conveyed in typical ways. The thoughts that we have a tendency to restrain slip out in camouflage when our control is down and come to fruition as doodles.

Deciphering doodles is not a pure science, but rather theorizing about their more profound significance is entrancing and can delightful whether it delivers insight and knowledge into ourselves, our friends and companions, family or all individuals we work with.